BaseBounce - Toy Foam Pogo Jumper

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Bounce Up and Down with BaseBounce

Give your child a fun and exciting way to stay active all day with the help of the BaseBounce. Its thick foam base gives your child the perfect platform to step on while they jolt their body forward just like a Kangaroo!

The BaseBounce acts just like a pogo stick except it's less difficult to maneuver, making it great for growing kids. Plus, the BaseBounce comes with a sturdy handle that makes it easy for your child to stay balanced at all times.

Key Benefits

Safe design - Each time your child bounces up, you can always rest assured that a thick, soft pad is there to cushion their landing. Plus, the BaseBounce is made to keep your child close to the ground 

Durable components - No matter how active your child is, the BaseBounce will surely keep up with them. Each part of the BaseBounce was made to withstand constant use, making it the perfect gift to your energetic youngsters.

Ergonomic handle - The handle of the BaseBounce is wrapped with padding to give your child a comfy grip. It gives them better control over the flexible bungee so that they easily move in any direction.

Portable fun - Our BaseBounce takes up very little space, making it the ultimate activity to bring anywhere. This way, your child can have fun wherever they go.