BeadBouce - Wooden Bead Game

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The rainbow is yours to play with!

Young kids can learn a lot while they are playing! BeadBouce can teach your children all about colors, counting, organizing and many more things while you play!

The board is sturdy, the beads are colorful and the ways of playing are infinite! You can engage in preset games or create your own, just your imagination and it will always be fun!

BeadBouce helps your kids in more ways than one, as they play their motor skills, coordination and thought patterns will develop without needing lessons from you!

Why BeadBouce is for you

Spread the rainbow - The whole rainbow is at your disposal, the board is yours to practice, create and learn using objects and colors! 

Unlock your creativity - BeadBounce never gives your kids a dull moment, there are always new ways to stack, pair or arrange the colorful beads!

Develop new skills - Playing isn’t only about fun, BeadBouce can teach your kids counting, building, coordinating and more just as they play!

BeadBouce is the ultimate choice - Help your children learn all useful skills and knowledge they’ll need in their adolescence with colors, beads and smiles!