DinoGo - Dinosaur Transport Toy Car

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Let Your Child Engage In Some Prehistoric Fun!

The DinoGo set is exactly what any dinosaur or car-loving child needs in their playroom! It combines two of your child's favorites in one awesome and versatile toy set.

What makes the DinoGo so much more fun is that it comes with props, dino toys, and cars that your child will surely enjoy. This DinoGo even comes with a car launcher so that the dinosaur cars move at high speed!

Key Benefits

Unique design - The DinoGo is unlike any other dinosaur toy that your child has ever seen! The truck-shaped DinoGo makes playtime more exciting, thanks to its many figurines, cars, and prehistoric themed props.

Eye-catching details - DinoGo was designed to stimulate your child's mind with its vibrant colors and beautiful details. In fact, the DinoGo even projects lights and sounds that can make everyone in the room jump up with joy!

Durable materials - Playtime can get quite rowdy at times, which is why DinoGo was made with only high-quality and sturdy materials. This way, your child can play with the DinoGo for years to come without it breaking down.

Portable build - The DinoGo comes with special compartments that can carry all three tiny dino cars. This way, you can carry all the components in one go, making the DinoGo the perfect toy to bring when you and your children travel.