Flipbig - Flipping Block Game

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The best alternative to a math lesson

Flipbig is a board game with simple rules and endless fun creating opportunities! It uses simple math and the luck of the dice roll to create a game kids of any age can dive in quickly!

While the kids play Flipbig challenges their minds to add, subtract and multiply numbers to stimulate their brains and teach them to do math quicker without them evening knowing.

It’s easy to get into and continue playing Flipbig for hours, every new game creates a different scenario. Introduce Flipbig into the family and it will soon become the next classic!

Why Flipbig is for you

A covert math lesson - Flipbig is a fun kid’s game on the surface and a covert teaching tool that helps kids learn math during playtime.

Dive right in - The instructions and rules are so easy, kids of all ages can dive right into the fun! Five minutes in and you’ll be sucked right in.

Always unpredictable - Every time you play the dice will create a unique experience for all the players, Flipbig never gets old!

Flipbig is the ultimate choice - Roll the dice and let’s see who has enough luck and math to come on top. In Flipbig playing and learning go hand in hand!