MindMash - Matching Game Puzzle

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The brain game you want to play

Looking for a cool game to play with the whole family? Test your puzzle-solving skills against your friends in a faced-paced puzzle-solving competition for your brain and heart!

You’ll need to sharpen your skills to win, thinking quickly and moving fast will get you ahead but you’ll also need to be creative to finish your puzzle faster than the competition!

The matches are quick so you can always catch your breath and play without investing too much time! Get ready to have your mind blown and wits tested against your friends!

Why MindMash is for you

A race for your mind - Have you got what it takes to beat the others, think quick and move fast to solve as many puzzles as you can!

Challenge your wits - There is no time to lose, test your problem-solving skills under pressure to see who’s got the nerves to come out on top!

Fun without end - Once you get the hang of it you won’t stop playing, the matches are quick and the puzzles come in endless varieties!

MindMash is the ultimate choice - Let’s see who has the wits to win it all, challenge your friends to a fast-paced puzzle adventure!